About Real Guitar

The Real Guitar is one of the most realistic acoustic and electric guitar simulator app for iOS and Android, featuring user-friendly interface and awesome sound quality. All notes have been recorded directly from authentic instruments, and playing chords on this app generates a clear sound that rivals real guitars. Great way to learn, practice, and jam on the guitar: wherever your mobile device can go. With an exhaustive library of all major chords and scales, Real Guitar will help you learn to play tabs and improve.
Want to Play 12 string Acoustic Guitar ? — Go for it. Select your guitar and start playing.
Like some dirty distortion sound, or prefer smooth and warm? — No problem, apply different guitar effects to the selected guitar. You can even create your own Pedalboard.
Do you like to sing along with Real guitar but tune is too high or too low for you voice ? — Don’t worry, simply add capo to your guitar fretboard.